God still has everything under control

I was watching a program recently, and this caught my attention:

I look at the television sometimes, and my heart bleeds. I’m sure you’re all like I am. You feel so helpless about what’s going on, and the pain of those people, and you say “man, the world is out of control.” No. God still has everything under control.

Sounds a lot like something someone would say after today’s events, doesn’t it…but it wasn’t. In fact, it wasn’t said this year, in the past five years, or even in the past ten years.

That statement was spoken by George Younce on May 18, 1999, at the Cathedrals’ farewell concert video taping. And yet, almost 14 years later, it’s still oh so true.


Saturday Selections – April 6

1. FCC Easter Service

The first clip is taken from the Easter service at Fayetteville (NC) Community Church, where Wesley Pritchard is pastoring. The little one is Wesley’s grandson.

2. The Isaacs

This second clip is also from FCC, but this time from a recent concert by the Isaacs. This song is heavy on the instrumental side, and includes new drummer Zak Shumate.

3. Piano Solo

Last month, Tribute Quartet was on their annual west coast tour. This clip of a Josh Singletary piano solo was captured in Portland, Oregon.

4. Five Men Around the Piano

Ernie Haase & Signature released their new project earlier this week. Here is a clip of them practicing one of their new songs.

5. The Perrys, Minus Two

This clip is from a recent Perrys concert. Very appropriate for what Tracy and Libbi have been fighting through these past few months.

Saturday Selections – March 9

1. Classic Cats’ Piano Duet

I had no idea he had it in him. They need to add something like this to their routine!

2-3. Previewing EHSS “Glorious Day” Cuts

These are two new songs from Signature Sound’s project coming out next month. The first is a remake of an old Statler Brothers classic, and the second is the reprise from a new song co-written by Ernie Haase, Wayne Haun, and Joel Lindsey.

Thanks to Aaron Swain’s momma for recording these!

4. Vocal Event

5. Eric Phillips, One Last Time

This video has surfaced from Eric Phillips’ final concert on the road with Mark Trammell Quartet.

Saturday Selections – March 2

1. TaRanda Greene

2. He Loves Me

This was so good. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more of this one down the line.

3. EHSS on the Cruise

A couple songs from their recent cruise. Ernie was sick for part of the cruise, so Wesley Pritchard chipped in to help.

4. The MTQ Cruise

The Mark (and Nick, and Jessica) Trammell Quartet had their cruise recently. Here are some highlights.

5. Honoring the Hoppers

I’m fairly certain this is an older clip from 2012, but I hadn’t seen it until this week. It’s the Talley’s and Gene McDonald paying tribute to the Hoppers at the GMA Hall of Fame ceremony.

Saturday Selections – February 16

1. Mark’s Grand Entrance

Mark Lowry has been recovering from a recent surgery. However, he made an appearance when the Vocal Band was in Texas, his home state. Here he is making his grand entrance!

2. Barry Rowland and Deliverance – Loving the Lamb:

3. Video Archives: Poet Voices

Here’s a familiar group with a familiar face singing a familiar song using a familiar track. Is it all familiar?

4. Fit to a T: Michael Booth

This video is from the Harmony Honors. Michael Booth takes the lead on Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet, a song that fits his voice perfectly.

5. Encore! Encore!

One of the funnier times from the NQC webcast last September was the reactions to the Booth Brothers singing Played in the Band, and the number of encores there were. Bill Gaither invited them to the Vocal Band’s newest DVD taping. Just wait until you see how many encores there were…

Saturday/Sunday Nights in Lakeland

These have been going on for a while now, but wanted to remind people of the concerts that take place at Lake Gibson Church in Lakeland, FL, every weekend.

Here is the link for the webcasts: http://player.multicastmedia.com/playerlive.php?s=sc6r61d9&doResize=false

Here is the schedule (all times Central):
Tonight, 5 pm – The Perrys
Tomorrow, 5 pm – Down East Boys
February 9, 5 pm – Collingsworth Family
February 10, 5 pm – Taylors
February 16, 5 pm – Greater Vision
February 17, 5 pm – Mark Trammell Quartet
February 23, 5 pm – Tribute Quartet
February 24, 5 pm – Freedom
March 2, 5 pm – Soul’d Out Quartet
March 3, 5 pm – LeFevre Quartet
March 9, 5 pm – Dixie Echoes
March 10, 5 pm – Dr. Jerry Goff and Little Jan
March 16, 5 pm – Jimmy Blackwood and the Blackwood Brothers
March 17, 5 pm – Jeff and Sheri Easter
March 23, 5 pm – Crist Family
March 24, 5 pm – Rick Webb Family
March 30, 5 pm – LGC Singers Easter Special
April 6, 5 pm – Southern Sound Quartet

For those in Minnesota or elsewhere who may not be close to where these groups tour, this is a great opportunity to watch quality broadcast feeds of these groups in concert.

Saturday Selections – February 2

Once again, I apologize for the near-month that has passed between posts. It really wasn’t my intent.

1. Scars in the Hands

A recent EHSS concert was broadcasted live online. This is one of the songs from that night, one that I just can’t get enough of. Even though its only been just over three months since his debut, you can already tell he’s gotten more comfortable with the guys.


2. Back in the Old Days

With the recent discussions that have taken place on other blogs regarding live vs. canned music, I thought this video was fitting because of how Scott introduces the first song. Then they follow it up it a canned song.


3. A Surprise From Ed

Found this video from a recent Dixie Melody Boys concert. Watch until the end and you’ll see something I’m guessing you didn’t expect.


4. Classic Comedy

This video has already made the rounds, but in case you either missed it or forgot to bookmark it, here it is again. Its a classic clip from Perfect Heart doing a vocal lineup switcharoo on the song Just a Little Talk With Jesus.


5. Pianos at Sea

I wanted to leave you with another light moment. This 8 minute clip features some hilarious banter between Landon Beene, Tim Lovelace, and Gerald Wolfe. Gets me excited for Gerald to co-host Parade of Pianos at NQC 2013!

Saturday Selections – January 5th

Wow, has it really been almost a month since my last post?! My apologies…

Without further ado, here are my Saturday Selections for this week.

1. Remember the Music

Lynn has been one of my go-to’s lately for fresh YouTube videos. Here’s another great one, taped at the Great Smokies Praisefest. It features in my opinion the best tenor today, the best baritone all-time, the best bass today, and the lead from one of the best groups on the road today.

2. Wedding Music

This was from the New Year’s Singing that MTQ and GV did together on 12/29. I believe the lineup is Allman, Trammell, Trammell, Barker.

3. Soul’d Out

If Soul’d Out keeps pulling out material like this, look out!

4. Dan Keeton

With the announcement of Keeton’s resignation from Gold City, I thought it pertinent to highlight Keeton in one of his final performances. Here he and Gold City share the stage with a young group from Georgia called Appointed Quartet at a New Year’s Eve concert.

5. Simply the Best

This is an old video, but I just came across it recently. With 3 of the videos so far being Cathedrals’ songs, I thought it was fitting to end this post with the legendary quartet. This is from 1991, and George is just showing off here…

Hope you enjoyed my first Saturday Selections of 2013!