Upcoming CD Releases

There are two prominent CD releases coming this fall. Both are also currently available for pre-order.

These two CDs are:

“Reunited” (Gaither Vocal Band)
“Every Light That Shines At Christmas” (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)

“Reunited” also is available for digital download. If you are the type that listens to your CDS mostly on your computer (like me), then this is for you. Plus its immediate, without needing to wait another month for it.

From the early clips I’ve heard of “Reunited”, it is well worth the money. It is these ballads that the new group has sung at most of their beginning concerts. So if you’ve heard them already live and love the group, this CD is for you.

Onto “Every Light”, I am also excited for this project. From what I’ve heard already, it will be another job well done by EHSS. They’ve also posted a promo/preview of the project on their official Youtube page.

“Changed By a Baby Boy” looks like its going to be one of my early favorites. They also have classics like “Silent Night”, “What Child is This”, and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman”, as well as a cover of the Oak Ridge Boys’ song “Thank God For Kids”. In anticipation of the CD release, EHSS has unveiled a new website design. Check it out!


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