Changes for EHSS

Like many of you have already heard from many of my fellow SG bloggers, EHSS is undergoing some changes. I first found out the news when Ernie posted a link on Facebook, asking me to “Read about changes for EHSS.” By the tone of that phrase, I knew it was something serious, likely being a personnel change.

I am saddened to find out about Ryan Seaton’s departure from the group. He really evolved into a new person over these past years. From his debut of sorts, singing “Going Home” on the Stand by Me Live DVD…..

He’s got the hair thing down too!

Finally, I want to close by saying this. Changes will happen to the members of’s bound to happen, just like it did a few years ago when Roy Webb left. But no matter what, no matter who comes or goes, there is one thing that will never change. That is the message being spread by EHSS through their amazing God-filled ministry.

God Bless Ryan Seaton and EHSS in each of their future endeavors!


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