Don’t Just Sing the Words, Think About Them

“I think about every word that comes out, and that makes a difference in what I do today.” –Michael English

That was a quote from this interview Russ Taff did with Michael English this past December. I just recently found this interview, and just had to post it here.

To me, this is the biggest change in the Vocal Band members from when each one was last with the group. Especially Michael. It is obvious that that the group members think about and mean every word that comes out of their mouth. They aren’t just singing the words to the song anymore. They add so much meaning to what they are singing that you cannot help but feel the Spirit moving.

Its no longer about the individual members and how they each are performing individually. It is about letting the Spirit move, and how they are as a group. It looks like they’ve built some solid camaraderie with one another.


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