CD or Digital Download?

It seems like the technology around us never stops changing. I remember when one of the first radios I ever had in my bedroom had an 8-track deck…We never used it, because we had cassette tapes. Cassettes eventually went out of fashion, and CDs replaced them.

CDs have lasted a long time. They are still fairly popular. However, a new technology has started to surface the past year or so that might be soon replacing CDs for good. I’ve tried it a few times now, and it is my preference buying a digital download.

I’m not a big CD guy. When I do buy a CD, I usually just rip it onto my laptop and listen to it there anyways. So the digital download saves me from not having to shelf the CD, and digital downloads are roughly 4 dollars cheaper than buying the CD. Plus, when ordering online, you can listen to the tracks instantly rather than waiting for the CD to arrive in the mail. I’m just about ready to listen to Ryan Seaton’s debut album now, when all you can do with the CD is pre-order it.

My preferred way to purchase my SG music is digital download —- how about you?


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