Cathedrals: “The Best Quartet Ever”

I have a large collection of southern gospel DVDs. Most nights, I usually put one in to watch/listen to as I fall asleep. There is nothing better than falling asleep to the best kind of music out there.

Well, lately, I’ve been watching the Cathedrals Farewell DVD a lot. Over the past 3 times, I’ve probably played it through close to 10 times by now. It is such a good DVD! I’m not sure there’s even a bad song on there!

The theme of the DVD echoed by most all of the guest artists at the taping was that the Cathedrals are the best group out there. Its great to see that sort of respect and honor to those guys, and they deserve every compliment they received. The Cathedrals were one of the first groups that attracted me to Southern Gospel music. Even though they haven’t been a group for 11 years now, they are STILL to this day one of my favorite groups.

I watched this DVD for the first time earlier this week as a bit of a preview for the Tribute DVD coming out later this fall. Boy, watching it has wet my appetite and more. It far exceeded my expectations of how good of a project I remember it being.

I can’t wait for the new project to be released! It will be a great reminder of “the best quartet ever.”


One thought on “Cathedrals: “The Best Quartet Ever”

  1. The EH&SS Cathedrals Tribute project probably excites me more than anything else that’s come out in the last 10 years! 🙂 There’s been a lot of great music produced since then, but the Cathedrals were my favorites and I’m thrilled that Ernie and others are bringing that music back.

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