Sneak Preview: EHSS sings “We Shall See Jesus”

Recently posted on Facebook was a clip of EHSS singing “We Shall See Jesus” at a concert in preparation for the Tribute DVD taping. This song has laid (or would it be lied?) dormant since 1999, when Glen Payne sang it for the final time with the Cathedrals.

Now, EHSS has decided to bring this “gospel music classic” back to life. Devin McGlamery takes the lead on this one. Since it has now appeared on YouTube, I figured it was time for it to appear here too.

I must say, it was weird watching it for the first time because I’m so used to the words “Once on a hillside…” coming from the voice of Glen Payne. Because of that, the first few lines didn’t quite feel right to me. However, that quickly changed as the first verse closed and moving into all four guys singing the second verse.

I still don’t think that any other singer can match the performance of this song by Glen Payne. However, Devin McGlamery and EHSS do a very respectful and respectable version here. Even though it’s still not as good as the original, I am very glad that someone has finally stepped up to the plate to perform the song. It is simply too good of a song and too powerful a message to go unsung!


One thought on “Sneak Preview: EHSS sings “We Shall See Jesus”

  1. EHSS always sing songs in their own style. This one is pretty good. Josh, I am here in MN also, and saw your question on the Southern Gospel Forums, about artists’ circle seats for their concert on 8/14 at the New Hope Church in Plymouth. We bought general admission to see them 2 years ago at the same church. Arrived an hour early – plenty of time, we thought. The place was so packed that we literally ended up in the very last row of the top balcony. The view was great, but the sound was not so good. This year we bought artist circle seats, figuring it will hopefully be better acoustics. My advice, whichever way you buy – general admission or artists’ circle- is GET THERE EARLY!! We have been to lots of Southern Gospel groups in the Twin Cities area, (yes, they do come here, though I would like to see more) and EHSS always draws a huge crowd. Enjoy the concert! We can’t wait to see Devin with them.

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