Concert Review: EHSS in New Hope, MN – 8/14/2010 (Before the Concert)

Today was the big day! As my dad put it, “now you can finally go to the concert you’ve been talking about for three months.” LOL. Needless to say, we don’t get many concerts up in this neck of the woods, so you have to plan ahead. Unfortunately for me, I tend to get overexcited when I plan ahead.

Anyways, so I arrived at the church roughly 10 minutes before the doors were scheduled to open, and the line was already pretty long. The crowd seemed to be of the older variety (is that kind enough?), but there was another person in front of me in line who was fairly close to my age, and had three younger kids with her. I thought I recognized her from the EHSS MB, but I could not put a name to the face for the life of me. (hold that thought, continued shortly)

Moving on, the doors finally opened and everyone made their way into the church. The church was a pretty decent size. Not huge, but not small by any means. One of the ushers figured it sat roughly 800 on the main level and another 200-300 in the balcony. The Artists’ Circle seats (which I had) were the majority of the main level it seemed. I was kind of surprised at how big the AC section was, but I suppose it must have been in demand. As people were finding their seats, I noticed that most were finding their way into the center sections, and the far section of pews was virtually empty. I got an aisle seat in the second row of pews on the end by Wayne & Ernie. And actually, it was almost like being in the first pew because the front pew was a shorter one, so there was no one in front of me.

I went out to the product tables for a bit, since there was still 45 minutes to spare before the concert would be starting. Not to buy anything (I already have all their projects), just to mingle. I met Devin for the first time. So sweet! I asked him which of the guys picks on him the most, but he copped out by saying “none of them.” Tim was right there, so I said something about it being him because “that’s what good bass singers are known for.” Devin came back by saying “you said a good bass singer, though.”

As I was going to find one of either Doug or Ernie, I ran into (not literally) the person I mentioned earlier. Turns out, it was Heidi from Chicago! When she said her name, immediately it clicked and I remembered. Turns out she has family in the area, and was visiting them. She was at the concert with her younger sister, niece, and nephew (I hope I’m right on that one). I can now say that I’ve fulfilled my life dream of meeting an EHSS message-boarder (other than the guys). Thanks Heidi!

Next I found Doug. He was so kind as always. And as a bonus, he remembered me! (not my name though lol) That was probably the highlight of my night, especially since it had been a year since I’d seen the guys last, and another before that since my last solo concert with them. I saw Ernie for a bit, but didn’t talk long because he was being swarmed by older ladies lol…

I made my way back to my seat. About 10 minutes prior to the concert, Doug came out to announce their product specials. They even sold a bigger 10-minute special down in front of the stage before the concert. This is one of my favorite aspects of going to these concerts, and something I don’t  think you’d ever see in any other genre of music. The guys left, and about 5 minutes after that, the house lights were dimmed. The concert was about to begin!


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