Q & A with EHSS

Unfortunately, as misleading as the title may be, I did not personally get to do a Q & A session with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. However, I was able to witness one. In the second half of their concert last Saturday, Ernie stopped the music, brought out the stools, and announced they would have a five minute question and answer session from the platform. This was so cool, and I’d never heard of any other group in the past do something like this during a concert. I wish I had recorded it, but my camera was low on space, and I was hoping to save it for certain other songs (which they never sang, unfortunately).

Anyways, there was a wide variety of questions asked, from “Do you like NASCAR” (or nice cars, as Ernie thought) to why does Devin wear striped socks. (Later on in the Q & A, the person who earlier won the $50 of products even asked if she could exchange some of her products to buy Devin some new socks.)

Devin's Striped Socks
Devin’s Striped Socks

But Ernie saved his best answer for the last question asked. When someone asked him what his favorite song was that he’s ever performed, Ernie looked over to Wayne, who played a chord on the piano. Then those words began to come out of Ernie’s mouth, “Once I was straying in sin’s dark valleys…” I thought he would maybe quit after a few lines, and continue on with the rest of the program. After the first verse, there was a key change, and Ernie moved on to the next verse. Keep in mind that he was still sitting throughout all of this. Here’s a video I find that shows you the rest of the song:

While it may not have been the best version vocally, this is likely my favorite rendition of this song. Personally, I think he has a tendency to get caught up in the song and putting on a show. However, when he sang it that night, it was in its purest form.

That 5-10 minute section of the concert was probably my favorite. No theatrics, no show, just being real with the audience. I wish more groups would do that these days.


One thought on “Q & A with EHSS

  1. This was great Josh. I love the idea of a Q & A, and that performance was incredible! And I actually thought it was vocally very strong as well, even aside from the tenderness of the stripped-down feel. Ernie’s voice just keeps getting richer and richer…

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