Youtube Gem #3: Ride That Glory Train

Early last week, I was going through my music files in Windows Media Player. I decided to play through a CD that I hadn’t listened to in a while. That CD was “Alive! Deep in the Heart of Texas” by the Cathedrals. I had forgotten how good of a CD that project really was.

One of the songs that really caught my attention was “Ride That Glory Train.” As it was playing, I immediately thought of a group who would the song would be a good fit for. I personally feel that Ernie Haase & Signature Sound would do great things with this song, and I think it should’ve been on their Tribute project.

I think either Devin or Doug to do the verses Glen did (though I think I’d prefer Doug), and Tim would excel on the bass verse. Whaddaya think?


One thought on “Youtube Gem #3: Ride That Glory Train

  1. Yeah, I think this would be perfect for EHSS. “Hard Trials” could be terrific as well! In fact, I wish they’d put “Hard Trials” on the project because it’s just got such tremendous energy in the lyric, the beat, the melody… the chemistry among those four voices is unbelievable. With EHSS it would be different, but it could also be great.

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