NQC: Day 1 & 2 Review / Day 3 Preview

Wow! What an amazing first two nights its been at NQC! A lot of other bloggers have summarized Day 1, so I’ll keep it short. I’ll just say that I really enjoyed Tribute, Talley Trio, and Collingsworth Family quite a bit. Greater Vision had a pretty good set, and Gerald’s version of It Is Well was one of the best I’ve heard.

Now to Tuesday night. When I looked at the schedule, I wasn’t really expecting a lot out of tonight. I just don’t know a lot about some of the groups performing. Here are a few notes from the evening.

  • The night started and finished with “Shouting Time.” Kim sure has a great voice, and it is perfect for that song!
  • I felt sorry for Les up there early on. As he was introducing Southern Sound, he actually introduced Signature Sound. Poor Les!
  • Groups had problems with their tracks throughout the evening. KPNR stumbled through “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown” I’m not sure if they couldn’t hear the track or not, but there were about three times they had to stop singing and find out where the track was. It wasn’t pretty. Then, while the Bowling Family was on stage, Kelly just got done with a wonderful introduction to their next song, and the wrong track was played. She introduced it again, same track was started again. Luckily, someone was at the piano who accompanied them for the song.
  • Dean Hopper, Tuesday’s emcee, brought the Freedom Singers on stage. They told an incredible story of their journey from Romania to where they are today. Dean said they needed a bass singer up there so he grabbed Gerald Wolfe, who hummed his way through most of it. Was one of the touching moments of the evening.
  • Before the aforementioned track issues, KPNR had the strongest set of the night at that time. Their new guy Jeff Hawes is very good. I’ll have to listen to them a little more than I have been.
  • Soul’d Out was incredible. They made great use of their 17 minutes on stage by singing through almost every second of it. And their vocals were spot on too! Another one of the best sets of the night.
  • Before the Bowling Family went on stage, a touching video was played. There was live video from the scene of the bus crash, audio from the 911 call, interview segments from their home, and a clip from their benefit concert. After the video was done playing and as the group walked up on stage, there was an extended standing ovation. Even at home I was getting chills! Their set was much better than I expected. Even though they are still recovering (Kelly was still wearing a brace), their set was up there vocally as one of the night’s best.
  • The Greenes and Hoppers closed out the night. The Greenes were very good, and TaRanda really showed off her vocal abilities tonight. They closed their set with a powerful rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus.” The Hoppers were good too, though I’ve heard better from them.

I think that through two days, I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth from the webcast. And the sound and video quality has been pretty good for the most part.

Tomorrow night looks to be another power-packed evening, and Scott Fowler will be the emcee. Also don’t forget the GVB/EHSS Together Showcase from 12-2 pm EST and the Legends of Tomorrow showcase with Tribute, Triumphant, Crist Family, and the Akins.


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