Post-NQC Thoughts

Almost a week has gone by since the National Quartet Convention, and I’m finally getting around to posting my own thoughts. First of all, let me say that I enjoyed the whole week, and was glad I bought the webcast. Having said that, I have a few comments about the week:

  • I really like it when they have a number of groups singing on stage together. However, I would like it if there were more microphones up on stage for this part. I think this would actually make an interesting idea for an entire night.
  • If the idea of multiple groups together doesn’t fly, I would like some way for group members to be mixed together. Could you imagine Tim Riley at bass, Rodney Griffin singing baritone, Jim Brady singing lead, and David Phelps at tenor? (or insert your own lineup) I believe this has been done somehow in the past, so why not bring it back? I think it would be popular.
  • Minimize the video fillers. I realize they may be there to allow time for groups to set up, but time would be better served going into the crowd and meeting the audience in my opinion.
  • Speaking of meeting the audience, can we get a rotation going on the fan cam to start the day? Tim Lovelace is alright, but I can only take so much of Dennis Swanberg (and I think I took too much of him last week). I would enjoy other funnymen who aren’t necessarily comedians too. Three who come to mind immediately are Josh Singletary, Mark Lowry, and Michael Booth. It would give the week a little variety, and a different energy to start out the day.
  • Switch from an in-the-round setting to a normal end-stage configuration. There has been talk that some fans currently on the front-row may not want to give up their seat, but I think this is a change that needs to happen. It would solve the issue with all the audio glitches. This seemed to be less of a problem this year, but it could still be improved. Even though it made for one of the comedic highlights of NQC 2010, I think most will agree we need to eliminate the audio feedback issues.
  • Similar to audio issues, I would like to address some video concerns. Being a student in broadcasting, it is a pet peeve of mine when someone is talking or singing (a solo), and they are not on camera. I know it isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it just bugs me. I did notice some improvement during the afternoon showcases, so maybe a switch to the end-stage configuration would solve this issue too.

Those are just a few comments of what I would change for NQC ’11. But even if none of these issues are addressed, I can already guarantee you that I will be buying the webcast for my third year.


2 thoughts on “Post-NQC Thoughts

  1. On your last point – I have on very good authority that having the instruments in the center of the stage was a nightmare for the video people (and many if not most of the artists). Previously, if an artist turned suddenly during a close-up, the roving camera could at least catch the spin and the back of their head – with this configuration, they were far more likely to lose the subject entirely.

    • Absolutely. I was going to bring that up in my post too, but it was like 3 am. One of the annoying things was during some verses. It would take camera crews until about halfway through a person’s solo until they had a shot of him or her. To me, thats unacceptable. Thats on the crew in the truck just as much as the camera people.

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