DVD Review: Fear Not Tomorrow

My most recent DVD purchase was the newest project from the Collingsworth Family “Fear Not Tomorrow.” I actually bought both FNT and their other new project “A Decade of Memories” together. These were my first projects to add to my collection that included the Collingsworth Family, so I was excited to buy them. FNT was filmed in Flint, Michigan, with a live band and full live orchestra. When I watched the DVD for the first time, I did not like the placement of the orchestra at all. Being a broadcasting student, I see these types of things visually first, and I simply was not a fan. However, as I’ve watched it enough times, it has started to grow on me a bit, and I don’t mind it so much anymore.

If you just sit and listen to them sing the songs, they are simply amazing. All six members of the family did well on this project. The blends were absolutely beautiful, and the harmonies were to die for (not literally, of course). However, once the singing stopped and either Phil started talking on stage, or B-roll footage started playing, it just seemed a little awkward. You can definitely tell that they feel most comfortable singing on stage. They just let all the singing do the talking for them.

Speaking of letting the singing do the talking for them, sit back and listen to Kim, Brooklyn, and Courtney sing the title track of the project, “Fear Not Tomorrow.”

The Collingsworth Family members include Phil, Kim, Brooklyn (21), Courtney (19), Phillip (16), and Olivia Collingsworth (12).


2 thoughts on “DVD Review: Fear Not Tomorrow

  1. I very much hope you don’t delete the videos on your channel. They’re always in such high quality, and they’re so perfect for introducing artists to friends. It’s also great to have individual performances online from DVDs whose selection I’m not that interested in but which have a few great moments. Instead of buying a whole DVD I don’t really want, I can view and share the few songs that I really like.

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