YouTube Gem #6: Rare Cathedrals Lineup

As we’ve witnessed recently, group members change left and right, and certain group lineups simply are not on the road together for very long. One of those lineups was The Cathedral Quartet in 1990. Ernie Haase had joined the group as tenor in the spring of that year. That lineup was only on stage through the fall, however, as Mark Trammell left the group to start Greater Vision with Gerald Wolfe. Luckily, there is still footage out there of this group, even though they were only together a few months. Here is a video of them singing an old Nelons song, “The Lamb Has Prevailed.” Mark takes the first verse, and Ernie takes the second.

I would really like to see EHSS try their hand at this song. This seems like the type of song that Doug Anderson could shine on, and Ernie showed in this video, even though he might not sing as high, that he can deliver the lyric.


One thought on “YouTube Gem #6: Rare Cathedrals Lineup

  1. This was wonderful! Thanks for sharing it. The fact that the audio and video are out of sync is a bit distracting, but it’s a great performance.

    My, my, doesn’t Ernie look young… šŸ˜‰ I agree with you that Signature Sound could do a great job with this one. I would very much like to hear what Doug could do with Mark’s part.

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