YouTube Gem #7: Kids On Stage

Its always great to see young people who love to sing this type of music. I’ve recently seen three clips of kids on stage that are absolute gems to watch.

First video is an older one that has already been posted around the SG blogging community. Its from a Legacy Five concert in Minnesota this past September. 7-yr old Caleb Garms joined the group on “I’m Feelin’ Fine,” taking the lead on the verses. This is great to see, especially since he’s a fellow Minnesotan.

Next up is a clip from Gold City’s recent concert, which was also the first appearance for new GC tenor Brent Mitchell. 7-yr old Thomas took the lead on “In Time, On Time, Every Time.” Thats a pretty vocally  demanding song for anyone, especially for a kid that young. Thomas didn’t hit every note, but he did it pretty good.

The last video I’ll share is from fellow blogger Wes Burke. Wes had his two kids on stage to sing an older song recently redone by N’Harmony. As you’ll see, these kids aren’t old enough to hit notes like in the previous two videos (sorry Wes). However, this definitely has the edge in the cuteness category.


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