Legacy Five Webcast

This will be a quick post. I had then opportunity to watch the webcast of the Legacy Five concert that took place last weekend down in Florida. It was definitely a new experience. This was my first time watching a concert webcast. I also believe this is the first solo concert I’ve “attended” that wasn’t EHSS.

I started out like I was going to do a full song-by-song review. However I didn’t have the energy then nor have the time now to do that. So I will share some comments:


-Glenn Dustin may be the best bass singer in southern gospel music today. He may not get the lowest, but he just is one of the better sounding basses out on the road. I wish he wouldn’t move around and swap back and forth so much when he sings (especially on We Shall See Jesus), but I can live with that.

-Similarly, Tim Parton is probably the best pianist on the road. I had no idea how good he is. I also like how he provides some vocals, when needed.


I thought I had more to share, but it slipped my mind, so I’ll leave you with this. I’m grateful that Legacy 5 treats these concerts more as church than as a performance. Everything seems to always point back to Christ in their concerts. I absolutely love how Scott can get a little preachy. I sometimes wish more southern gospel artists had that in them. Sure its important for the groups to do these concerts as a form of income, but whats more important is the “income” of the kingdom at these concerts. How many souls are being touched.


I’ve heard it said many times in regards to a certain other group. “Are you entertaining or ministering?” The answer can be both, but in no way should a group’s answer be entertaining, but not witnessing. If that’s the case, maybe they should consider coming off the road. The earthly reward of traveling and singing is probably not much when you compare to other professions. However, what’s important is the heavenly reward, for those on stage and for those who are hearing the Gospel message through song..


7 thoughts on “Legacy Five Webcast

  1. Would you really say that Tim Parton is the best pianist on the road? Don’t forget about Kim Collingsworth! πŸ˜›

    I would also say that Pat Barker is smoother than Glen Dustin.

    I love it when Scott starts “preachin” too.

  2. Glenn is actually also one of the lowest bass singers on the road, he has been recorded all the way down to the lowest F sharp on the piano he just doesn’t go that low often in concerts! And yes NSF I agree that Pat Barker is smoother; but Glenn is no slouch in that department!

    I agree with you about Tim Parton as well… NSF Tim can play anything, and I mean anything that Kim can play, and play it just as well IMO; he just doesn’t have the presence on the bench that players like Kim and Jeff Stice have. Tim often to easily recedes into the background…

    Josh I am surprised you did not give a shout-out to Gus Gaches, he is one of the best tenors on the road IMHO… πŸ™‚ I am not just saying that because I am a big fan of his either!

    I also love it when Scott gets “Preachy” πŸ™‚

    • Gus is one of the best tenors on the road. I much prefer him to some of those “screechy” super-high tenors, even if they are better-known. He has a really smooth, easy-listening voice.

      However, Ernie I feel is an even stronger tenor—his voice is more powerful, and he has a wider range.

      • I agree that Ernie is a bit stronger, and has a slightly wider range… Gus has quite a bit of range himself, (E above High C maybe higher) he just does not use it as much as Ernie does; mostly due to Scott Fowlers limits on his lead range (that is from Scott himself) They pitch stuff a little lower than other groups due to this. It is all a comfort thing… πŸ™‚ I grew up listening to Ernie so he has always been one of my favorites… Gus is a new favorite and I hope he stays with L5 a very long time!

  3. You want something on Gus? OK, here it goes…

    I will agree that Augustus (hehe) is one of the better tenors out today. It’s because of him that I prefer the L5 version of Boundless Love. You all know how huge of an EHSS fan I am, but Ernie gets too high on that for my liking. Gus is spot on.

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