So Long, Tim Duncan

If you haven’t heard by now, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound are going through a member change this weekend. Tim Duncan, who was the original bass singer when the group started in 2003, has come off the road. He is “replaced” by Ian Owens, who formerly sang with Cumberland Quartet and The Imperials.

As my faithful blog followers should hopefully know by now, EHSS is easily my favorite group on the road today, so you may be curious why it took me so long to put together this blog post. Honestly, this change really caught me off-guard. When my second favorite group made a switch just one week earlier, I was surprised too, but this one just shocked me at a whole new level.

Change is going to happen, especially in this industry. As fans of particular groups and their specific lineups, it can be tough. But I have yet to stop following a group just because they made a personnel switch. I just don’t think thats fair to the person stepping down, the new guy joining, or the group as a whole. Having said that, personnel switches can change certain dynamics within the group that could alter my loyalty to them.

Since I have yet to hear the new bass, let me close by talking about Tim. He is most known for his low ranges, but I feel his upper range is underrated. This video of him singing “Who Do You Think?” really showcases that.

The last video I’m going to share is from one of the more recent EHSS concerts on Youtube. This was one of the first songs that introduced me to EHSS, as well as that bass voice. In this captured video, the group put a little twist in it that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

Tim Duncan, I want to personally thank you for the years of service that you have given to this ministry. I know you have helped touch many lives across the world. A voice like yours cannot be silenced for long, so I look forward to the day that we can hopefully see you come back on the road doing full-time music ministry.



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