Champion of Love – Ryan Seaton

On the Cathedrals’ Tribute project, it was Wayne Haun who delivered the verses on “Champion of Love.” But what some people may not know is that when the project was in its initial planning stages, the solo was originally sung by then-lead singer Ryan Seaton.

Well now, a video has popped up on Facebook of Ryan singing the lead on the song with his new “quartet” (in quotes because its not officially a group, but they’ve appeared at select dates). In the video description, Ryan states:

If you were to be at Good Shepherd Assembly of God in Evansville, In this Saturday at 6:00pm then you will probably get to see this “LIVE”!!

Its now on YouTube, so I’ll embed it instead.

In my opinion, Ryan’s version is right up there with Gerald’s and Scott’s versions. I like Wayne’s as well, but vocally, he’s not in the same category as these three yet.


2 thoughts on “Champion of Love – Ryan Seaton

  1. “His weight out-weighs the world…”

    Portion-control Jesus?


    Seriously, absolutely hate the song, but Ryan sounds great.

    Love Toby and Andrew “on drums” behind him too.

    If this quartet were to come together permanently, I’d buy something from them. They sound incredible.

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