Then and Now: Wonderful Grace of Jesus

Tonight I found a bunch of concert clips from a recent EHSS concert. One of the videos was of the guys singing Wonderful Grace of Jesus. The five guys all stood around one mic being held in the middle of a circle. Immediately it brought me back to an old Cathedrals’ clip, so I thought I’d post the both of them as a bit of a comparison.

Cathedrals’ Version (Then):

EHSS’ Version (Now):

I know many will say its hard to compare with the Cathedrals, but there’s just something about the EHSS version that gives it the edge. I really like how they change the pace up and control the tempo of the song. It really adds a new dimension to it.

What do you think?


One thought on “Then and Now: Wonderful Grace of Jesus

  1. Signature Sound is definitely smoother. In fact, I think they’ve always had a smoother blend than most lineups of the Cathedrals (heresy, I know). Not to say that they can replace the Cats or anything like that, just that speaking sheerly in terms of vocal blend… that would be my thought.

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