The Official Launch of StowTown Records

In a recent interview with Daniel J. Mount of, it was revealed that Ernie Haase and Wayne Haun were working together to launch a record label. The official launch of StowTown Records took place last night, and here  is the press release of the official announcement:

In 2001 while recording the Old Friends Quartet with George Younce, Jake Hess and Wesley Pritchard, George became ill and couldn’t travel to Nashville to record his vocals. So I brought the studio to his home in Stow, Ohio. There, George recorded in his pajamas, in the stock room of his garage. He loved the experience!  As time passed, whenever we were driving to our favorite restaurant, we’d pass this old, empty building in Stow.  George would always say, “Ernie that would be a great place for a studio and record label.”  Unfortunately his dream never came to fruition. But I never lost the idea. Every time I’d pass that old building I’d think of those words George spoke to me years ago.

For the past two years Wayne Haun and I have been dreaming, brainstorming and working to transform his words to reality.  So I am very proud to announce that 2011 will be the inaugural year for a new gospel label, (drum roll please) “StowTown Records!” In a new partnership, this new label will be owned and operated by Wayne Haun and me.

We are also proud to announce that “StowTown” is partnering with Provident-Integrity Distribution to bring this music to your local retail stores.

Let me share with you some of our exciting and future releases.  Wayne and I went back into the vault and found all of the old two-inch masters of George’s solo projects. Then we extracted only his voice.  We went into the studio and re-recorded new and updated music on ten songs. EHSS then came in and sang all of the background vocals. Now we are backing up George just like the Jordanaires did with Elvis!  This project ROCKS!

George Younce’s solo project will be the first release on the “StowTown Records” label which will be available March 15, 2011. We are “pre-selling” Georges new recording right now over at the EHSS Website at with delivery on or before the street date of March 15th, 2011. Click on the link below to pre-order

The second release will be a solo project by our own Doug Anderson. Anyone who has heard Doug sing knows he sings from his heart, and I can assure you that this solo project will definitely touch yours.  It will be released in May 3, 2011. Both George and Doug currently have singles playing on the radio, so please call your local station and request George’s single, “You Will Get Your Reward Someday” and Doug’s single, “Jesus Is Holding My Hand”

“StowTown Records” is also very excited to announce the signing of the incredible and talented Collingsworth Family. We will have more to come regarding this great partnership. Look for this release Summer 2011.
For more information regarding “StowTown’s” vision and roster of artists, visit  Please, check it out and join the email list on the main page so you can stay “in the know” about future projects and artist signings.  Also, take advantage of the Facebook and Twitter feed (coming soon).  This will keep you up to date with all things StowTown and will allow you to know how to pray for us.  It is our desire (mission) to create a body of musical work that will bring honor to God and build the faith and hope of His children.
Last night in Nashville, TN we had a gathering of friends to launch StowTown Records.  We had a great time!  Click here to view some photos from the party!
In closing, let me say that we appreciate your love, prayers and support through all of these exciting and challenging times; but above all we thank the Lord for His never ending love!

And That’s Reason Enough To Believe,

Ernie Haase

It will be very interesting to follow the progress of this record label. STR is certainly off to a great start by signing Doug Anderson and The Collingsworth family to the label. I can’t wait to hear who they sign next!

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