New Footage of Tribute Quartet

Needless to say, it has been a hectic beginning to 2011 for members of Tribute Quartet. First, it was announced that bass singer and founding member Dennis Dugger was coming off the road. Then came the unfortunate news of their bus being completely destroyed after catching on fire just one week later.

I recently found YouTube footage of their new lineup on stage. This is the first footage I’ve spotted online in the month and a half since the change, other than a concert that was streamed live online. I will share two clips with you in this post, and the Youtube user has additional clips from that night available as well.

The first clip I want to share is “I’ve Been Blessed.” This is one of my favorites from this group because it features all four parts each with a short solo on the verses. Of the videos posted, this gives you the best feel for the voice of new bass singer Anthony Davis.

This next clip is of “That’s Why I Love Him So,” which features lead Gary Casto and tenor Riley Harrison Clark. The reason I chose to include it is to show the improvement in Riley’s tone. In my opinion, this is one of the strongest performances I’ve heard from him yet



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