Designer Jonathan Pierce Premieres New TV Show

Yes, that Jonathan Pierce. The same Jonathan Pierce who sang tenor for the Gaither Vocal Band from 1994-1997. He is back in the national spotlight. A sneak preview of his new TV show “Interiors, Inc.” aired Monday night on HGTV. From the HGTV website, here is a description of the show:

Interior designer Jonathan Pierce and his team of talented, energetic designers make their “home away from home” at the Nashville design firm, Pierce & Company. In each episode, we follow this ensemble cast of experts as they create two room makeovers for two homeowner clients in town.

It was so weird seeing a commercial and recognizing him right away. I knew of his career change to interior design, but I had to do some Internet research to confirm that it was him I was seeing on TV. I’m excited to watch the show and see his designing talents.

For a reminder of his vocal talents, here is a clip of him taking the verses on “John, The Revelator” followed by one of his biggest hits as a CCM soloist “I Believe In Christ”




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