NQC Anticipation

Well folks, its here again. Another year has come and gone, and the SG world is centered in Louisville, KY for NQC week. I hope to give my thoughts throughout the week. For now, here are a few things I’m excited about.

    • Dixie Echoes (Thursday/Saturday) – The new lineup has generated some buzz, and I can’t wait to hear more of their new sound.
    • Collingsworth Family (Monday/Thursday/Friday) – One of the highlights last year, but I haven’t heard much from them since.
    • Mark Trammell Quartet (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) – This may be my last opportunity to hear Joel Wood sing tenor with the group.
    • Tribute Quartet (Wednesday) – They only sing once on mainstage, so I’m anticipating their strongest material.
    • Gaither Homecoming Sing-Along (Friday) – I’m looking forward to this over the GVB reunion because of the wider array of artists.
    • Funniest Stories Ever Told (Thursday) – NQC Humor without Dennis Swanberg? Sign me up!
    • EHSS (Wednesday/Thursday) – I will ALWAYS anticipate the chance to hear the group that drew me (back) to Southern Gospel music.

What gets you excited about NQC Week?


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