YouTube Gem #20: The EHSS Experience

EHSS is one of the premiere groups on the road today. You never know exactly what you’ll get from a concert, which makes the “EHSS Experience” that much more enjoyable.

Tonight, I found footage on YouTube from their Friday night concert in Oklahoma City (NOTE: This was after they finished an NQC Mainstage Appearance at ~9:30 pm the previous night and drove 750 miles from Louisville to Oklahoma City).

The guys seemed quite loose on stage, from the clips I saw. First off is Doug Anderson singing “Smile It Through” off his solo project. The song is wordy, so Doug was honest with the audience about not knowing all the words. It created a light moment right at the beginning of the concert to set the mood for the evening.


The next clip comes from “Moving Up To Gloryland.” Ernie invited a little kid (not older than 4) up to the stage to sing the tenor line. The kid had on his “Little Siggy” outfit on, and even a man like me can say it was adorable. I love how Ernie is always so good with the kids.


The group usually gives out their $40 Tote Bag Special after intermission. This time, Ernie put Wayne (producer/pianist) on the spot to come up with a congratulatory jingle for the winner. (It may be a part of their schtick, but it seemed natural and off-the-cuff to me.)


Finally, at the end of the program, the audience urged them to sing one more song, so they did an a capella rendition of “His Name Is Wonderful.”

WOW! That would have gone over well at NQC!


8 thoughts on “YouTube Gem #20: The EHSS Experience

  1. Hi Josh!

    We can tell you the “Congratulations” song is, unfortunately, not off the cuff. They did it a week earlier at the concert we attended on the 8th. But we love it, and they do an awesome job pulling it off! šŸ™‚


    • Hmmmm.

      Well I guess they didn’t technically lie, but it always irritates me just a LITTLE when somebody pretends to do something “off the cuff” when it’s been planned out ahead of time. If you want to make something look off the cuff, then do it off the cuff! Otherwise, don’t pretend. But I guess that’s pretty naive because every artist does it.

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