Questions On the CD-Making Process

I’m working with a local group who is working on releasing a CD. Being relatively new to this aspect of the industry, we’re not completely sure about what to do when it comes to copyrights and paying royalties for using tracks. Since I know some of my readers are more familiar with this than others, I thought I’d ask you guys. Any insight on the process would be welcome.


3 thoughts on “Questions On the CD-Making Process

  1. Hi Josh,

    We are in the process of finishing our second CD, so we are still getting used to this as well. First, we determined which songs are public domain, by searching, and then we usually go to Harry Fox Agency ( and see what songs are listed there. BMI, EMI, and Music Services are also websites to check out. In one case, we had to contact Buddy Greene’s assistant to get the correct song title and copyright information. It can be somewhat of a goose chase to locate copyrights, but legally it is required and well worth the effort.

    Hope this helps somewhat! If you have more specific questions, just ask…



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