Suggestions for New CD Review Format

I want to change the way I do reviews. I’m hoping to make it more of a Minnesotan flavor. I’m thinking of breaking it into 4 or 5 categories, much like DJM’s are. But I want to incorporate Minnesota into the headings. Some examples I’ve thought of are “No-Brainerd” (no-brainer for best song) and “Minnesota Nice” (it’s okay, but not great).

I need your help. Any more ideas?


3 thoughts on “Suggestions for New CD Review Format

      • Well, here’s an idea I picked up from an epinions reviewer. He has a “What’s It Worth To Me?” section where he assigns each song a money value. $2 songs are the absolute best, his favorites. $1.50 are strong but could have been stronger. $1 songs are decent but not big standouts. $50 are weak. $0 do absolutely nothing for him, and anything lower he loathes.

        So that’s one idea. I’ve actually considered taking it up myself.

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