An Introduction to “A Minnesotan CD Review”

Here is a look at my new format for CD reviews


Brief Description – This is where I lay down any necessary background information about the artist or project I’m reviewing.

Lake Superior – Named after the only Great Lake that borders Minnesota, this section of the review will highlight what I believe to be the “superior” aspect of the project. This section will typically be limited to just one aspect, but more may be added in special circumstances (similar to when DJM adds to his 3:1 review occasionally).

Mississippi River – As most of you should know if you’ve ever studied the geography of the United States, the headwaters of the Mississippi River are located in north central Minnesota (~45 minutes from my hometown). But even by the time the river flows south of the Minnesota border, the river has grown to be much larger than at the river’s beginnings. Similarly, this section of the review will focus on a part of the album that I wasn’t overly fond of when I first heard it, but has grown on me as time wears on. (For reviews of brand-new projects, this may be a prediction of what I see myself liking more down the road.)

Lutefisk – Lutefisk is a type of fish, and is a traditional Norwegian dish in Minnesota. However, it has a strange texture to it, and a very strong smell. Some people like it, but many do not. Similarly, the “lutefisk” in these reviews will be the part that I like the least.

“Minnesota Nice” Factor – Minnesotans have a reputation nationwide of being “Minnesota nice.” This basically means that we will say something nice to someone so as to not hurt their feelings, even though that might not be true. Similarly, this section of the review will show how “Minnesota nice” I was being in the review. 0% means that I meant every word I wrote, and wasn’t embellishing anything. This is the equivalent of a 5-star rating you see on other blogs. I likely will not go over 50% for any album. If I really don’t like an album, I probably won’t review it. (NOTE: This does NOT mean that every album that goes un-reviewed by me would receive over 50%. I simply do not have time for all the albums out there.


New reviews will be posted soon. Hopefully, this new review format will help me review more projects. I hope that you will enjoy this new twist on the typical CD reviews you read on other southern gospel blogs out there. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about my  blog, do not hesitate to ask me.


2 thoughts on “An Introduction to “A Minnesotan CD Review”

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