“A Minnesotan CD Review” – Thank You, Lord (Great Adventure Gospel Band)

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There’s no better way to introduce “A Minnesotan CD Review” than to review a Minnesotan CD. Great Adventure Gospel Band, or better known by many of you as The Garms Family on SouthernGospelBlog.com, released “Thank You, Lord” in March of THIS year.

Lake Superior – The Lake Superior of “Thank You Lord” was difficult to choose, but I ultimately have chosen “Were You There?” There’s just something about beginning the song with the Lil’ Adventurers, and adding everyone else in later. When everyone sang the last time through the chorus was a “WOW!” moment for me.

Mississippi River – “Beautiful Medley” was one track that I used to skip quite often if it came through on shuffle. I’m usually a fast song guy, and this song certainly is not that. Hopefully, I listened to it again about a month back. The harmonies are very tight and the instrumentation is subtle, yet effective on the first part of the medley. In the second song of the medley, the group’s lower range shines through making this track strong from start to finish. Overall, this one of the stronger tracks on the project.

Lutefisk – It was surprisingly difficult for me to label this album’s lutefisk as well, but I will say “Wayfaring Stranger.” The track just seems different from all the others on the album, and almost has a creepy feel to it.

“Minnesota Nice” Factor – 10%. I was pleasantly surprised by this project.


4 thoughts on ““A Minnesotan CD Review” – Thank You, Lord (Great Adventure Gospel Band)

  1. “Wayfaring Stranger” has a very raw sound to it that’s more akin to folk than southern gospel. So it makes sense that people who are used to something more polished wouldn’t quite know what to make of it. I personally enjoy the flavor, though the mixing of genres towards the end is a slight misstep (blending folk with the sudden New Age echoes).

  2. Wow! Thanks, Josh….what a surprise. You have the most unique review structure of the SG Blogging world. 🙂 We love the Minnesota flavor, it sure is homey! 🙂

    Thank you for your insight and we appreciate your perspective.



    P.S. “Thank You, Lord” was released in March 2011. 🙂

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