Minnesota Review Monday – That Family Will Be Mine (The Allen Family)

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Brief Description – Rather than just typing the same things, I will just direct you to the Artist Profile I wrote on them this past January.

Artist Profile: The Allen Family

Lake Superior – Instead of picking out a song for this album’s Lake Superior, I’m going to focus on Gabrielle’s vocals. Since the last project I’ve heard from the family, Gabrielle (the oldest daughter) has really improved to become, in my opinion, the strongest vocalist of the family. She really shines on “Don’t You Rain on My Parade” and “I’m Just a Nobody.”

Mississippi River – Initially, “Redemption” doesn’t sound like anything spectacular. However, Todd delivers a very strong solo verse, which is followed by some solid harmonies. There aren’t any wow moments, but I don’t think I’ll be skipping it too often, either.

Lutefisk – The lutefisk for this album is “The Saucer Song.” The main line of the chorus says “I’m drinking from the saucer because my cup now overflows.” Good message, but a bit cheesy.

“Minnesota Nice” Factor – 15%. They are not at the level of the Collingsworth Family, but they have some strong moments. I recommend this project if you enjoy family groups.


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