Wildcard Wednesday: Tim Tebow

Wildcard Wednesday is a new column where (hopefully) every Wednesday, I will discuss a wildcard topic outside of the southern gospel industry.

Today’s wildcard topic comes from the world of sports. If you knew me, you’d know that I’m a bigger fan of sports than I am of southern gospel music. One of the most polarizing sports figures around is quarterback of the Denver Broncos football team, Tim Tebow.

One of the reasons he is such a polarizing figure is because is very outspoken about his faith. There are some who feel he is too outspoken. In this video, Tebow responds to one of those critics.

It is refreshing to hear a professional athlete be so candid about his relationship with Jesus Christ. In a world where it’s PC for Christians to stay quiet, Tebow is using his platform as a football player to spread the gospel.


One thought on “Wildcard Wednesday: Tim Tebow

  1. Ah…a kindred spirit. šŸ™‚ I saw this interview; I don’t always agree with Skip (ok – rarely), but I really appreciate the way he’s stuck up for Tim. (Plus, he’s done the same for my Jay Cutler – two points for Skip!)

    Tim Tebow continues to amaze & defy his critics…even Elway. As Skip says, Tim is breaking the mold for NFL QB’s. All I keep thinking is…it’s a God thing. As long as Tim stays humble & keeps his focus on the right things, this is just going to be fun to watch. he he he (And, just to be clear – I’m not a Broncos fan. Never. But, I would love to see Tim do well. Except against the Bears in a couple of weeks. lol)

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