I Forgot How Good They Were

Has this ever happened to you? A group changes personnel and its sound changes, sometimes for the worse. But you get so accustomed to hearing the current lineup that you forgot how good they used to be before the personnel change.

That happened to me. I realized it after watching some old-school EHSS clips. Here’s a sample.

Man, they were electric! Nothing against the current EHSS lineup, I still love listening to them. But I think I’m finally realizing that this lineup was on a whole ‘nother level.

(Its interesting that some are saying RSQ has the same type of electricity.)


5 thoughts on “I Forgot How Good They Were

  1. There was a magic to these guys.They were wildly popular in concert and on CD’s.I thought it odd at the time and still do.Why would two of them leave to go do the same thing they were already doing?Was Ernie a slave driver? There hair,dress,and dancing on stage just brought the house down,people loved it.All of it was done for the glory of God.Maybe Doug was the smart one.

    • The press release for Duncan said he felt it was time to step down and spend less time on the road, and I’m inclined to accept that. As for Ryan, there are plausible scenarios that would explain why he left without making either side look villainous.

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