YouTube Gem #27: New Material from EHSS

First of all, I want to make it known that it was not my intent to have three consecutive posts on the same subject. That’s just how it has worked out.

This past week, many SG bloggers reviewed the new EHSS project “Here We Are Again”. The two songs that have probably gotten the most atytention are “Any Other Man” and “Stand By Me”. Ironically, there were videos of each of those songs posted on YouTube Saturday.

Let’s start with “Stand By Me.” This is one song that I was probably a bit harsh on in my review. I think it caught me off guard more than anything. But after watching this video, I have a greater appreciation for this newer version of the song (even though Ian had some troubles with the words on his verses). Ian isn’t Tim, but that’s okay because Ian isn’t Doug. πŸ™‚ Also, Devin absolutely nails his part at the end. Totally unexpected to hear that! It’s great to hear this song back in their concerts again.

Now, the song that has caused the most discussion is without a doubt “Any Other Man.” A few weeks ago, a lower-quality video was posted online that barely does the song justice. This video is much better quality!

Some people have questioned EHSS for moving away from traditional southern gospel. But if you look at the demographics of an average EHSS concert compared to the demographics of any other average SG quartet on the road, they are different. EHSS attracts a different audience than Legacy Five or the Dixie Echoes. Good marketers market towards what their audience wants. As long as EHSS still is announcing the Good News everywhere they go, their style of music is not important to me. Maybe we’ll get a few screamo songs on the next album. I can picture it now…


5 thoughts on “YouTube Gem #27: New Material from EHSS

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  2. Great article Josh! I’m sorry David feels that way too. I agree with your statement, EHSS are reaching audiences that the normal SG group “wouldn’t”…. Change isn’t change until there’s change & it’s sad to see churches/gospel groups who are afraid to make changes that could possibly bring more people into the kingdom. After all, Jesus went where ordinary people wouldn’t go…..AND as a result, GREAT THINGS HAPPENED! Thank you Lord & thank you Josh for the truth!

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