YouTube Gems #29: Brian Alvey

Since NQC 2011, there hasn’t really been much coverage of The Talleys. At that time, they were in the first few weeks after the changeover from a trio to a “quartet.”

That change was the addition of (Lauren’s husband) Brian Alvey, formerly of Tribute Quartet. One of the songs from his Tribute days has made it over to his Talley days (though it might have something to do with the fact that he wrote the song…). The song is “That’s Why I Love Him So.” Here, Brian takes the lead and is joined by Lauren and Roger on the choruses.  I always love to hear songs sung by their writers, and this is no exception.

The next one they did “stage” at NQC last September. However, it is soooo good that I had to share it again. I love listening to Brian on this Rusty Goodman classic…


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