Artist Profile: Amber Nelon Thompson

When discussing the top young talent in Southern Gospel music, one name often forgotten is Amber Nelon Thompson, 22-year old soprano for The Nelons.

We were introduced to Amber’s singing at a young age. She appeared on the Gaither Homecoming series at age 10, singing “Away in a Manger” on one of the Christmas DVDs.

The next time we heard from her was three years later, when she sang “Jesus, I Heard You Had a Big House”

Well, she’s all grown up now. As evidenced by her rendition of “How Great Thou Art.” If you think the first verse sounds sweet, just wait until you are blown away by the second verse!

As you can clearly see, Amber’s voice has matured beautifully. She definitely deserves to be in the discussion of the best young southern gospel singers on the road today.


7 thoughts on “Artist Profile: Amber Nelon Thompson

  1. I got chills listening to this! I was amazed at her range when they were at our church in Dallas about 2 yrs ago. I don’t know if its possible or not, but I think she has definitely gotten even better. Put her in the catagory of singers to watch. More good things to come from this young lady!

    • After hearing her in the most recent Homecoming video, I thought her voice was smooth and sweet, so I decided to look for more. After seeing that last video, like you, I was AMAZED by her range.

  2. I think she held the note on “shall” too long. It’s not a particularly high or impressive note, so it doesn’t make much sense to draw it out. Save the long holding-out for the later notes (which she also did beautifully of course, she just brought it in too early in the song).

      • Having an amateurish video hurts SG. I meet young people all the time who have grown up with slick music videos, even those produced on video cameras, who profess to be turned off from SG music specifically, or church generally (though that’s an excuse, not a reason), by videos like the one shown here. My young adult son doesn’t care much for SG for these reasons.

      • No offense, but I doubt that is the reason they don’t like the music.

        The comparison you are making is off. These aren’t music videos in the sense of what you would see on MTV or BET. The comparison for those would be the concept videos some artists have been coming out with.

        The “amateurish” video is better compared to secular concert videos you see on YouTube that people have recorded on their phones.

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