An EHSS without Doug Anderson?

First off, let me say that Doug Anderson has NOT left EHSS.

Now that that is settled, he was not on the road with the guys this weekend. Instead, he was at home with his daughter for her First Communion. I definitely respect Doug for taking time of the road so he could be with his family for this special event.

So back to EHSS. Similar to when Devin McGlamery was off the road after his injury, Wayne Haun stepped in to fill the void left by Doug. Doug is no easy void to fill, but Wayne did a respectable job from what I can tell. Here’s a video of Wayne singing one of Doug’s signature songs from the latest project, “Sometimes I Wonder.”

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound is (are?) blessed to have a pianist on the road with them that has the versatility of a Wayne Haun. It also helps that Wayne wrote many of the newer songs they perform on stage, making the transition run that much more smoothly.


7 thoughts on “An EHSS without Doug Anderson?

  1. While their vocal presentation of songs may be impeccable, their physical presentation leaves a lot to be desired (high top Converse with suits). C’mon guys!!

  2. Roger Bennett took over for Glen during the last couple months of the Cathedrals’ Farewell Tour in ’99. We saw them at Rupp Arena in November of that year, and Roger was the lead vocalist for the entire show.

    As for the hitops, Joe Bonsall wore those for years (in multiple colors). I think it’d be cool if Sig Sound switched it up and gave each vocalist their own color shoes. I have red, black, and American Flag patterned Chucks myself….

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