Rare Footage: Gaither Vocal Band

In 1993, the Gaither Vocal Band released “Southern Classics” with a lineup of Terry Franklin, Michael English, Mark Lowry, and Bill Gaither. They released their next project titled “Testify” in 1994, but Jonathan Pierce and Buddy Mullins were in the place of Franklin and English. In between those two releases, there was a short period of time that Franklin and Mullins were together in the group.

As I was watching some newer GVB footage, I came upon a clip of the Franklin/Mullins/Lowry/Gaither lineup on YouTube. The uploader says the performance was from a TV special hosted by JD Sumner & the Stamps. The audio quality isn’t that great, but this rare footage is still worth a watch anyways.


12 thoughts on “Rare Footage: Gaither Vocal Band

  1. I find this interesting because I was under the impression that Franklin had left before English. Testify was co-produced by English and you can hear him all over that album.

    • He left shortly before Testify, which was in production at the time of his departure. However, I’m not sure how many of the English vocals were actually replaced with Mullins vocals.

    • So after reading Mr. Franklin’s comment from last night I listened to Testify and realized I was in error about English’s vocals but you can deffinatly tell the songs were selected for him.

      On less serious note, Satisfied is one of my favorite GVB songs

  2. I saw this during its original airing. It was actually a special hosted by Tammy Wynette. The Stamps, the GVB, and I believe Jake Hess were on this show. I remember my brother making fun of Bill’s bass singing.

  3. Sean,

    I gave my notice 2 weeks prior to Mike’s leaving, but I stayed on a few more months till they secured a replacement.

  4. It was a Tammy Wynette Special. James Blackwood was also on it. Tammy’s husband (record producer George Richey) played piano on a song by Tammy.

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