EHSS World Travelers

These guys have been all over the world in the past few years. The only continent they haven’t sang in is Antarctica, and I wouldn’t put it pass them to change that.

This time, they were in Hungary to perform at the Franklin Graham Crusade of Hope in Budapest. According to a Facebook post made by Ernie, there were roughly 15 thousand people in attendance. Of those 15 thousand, 774 of them made professions of faith during the altar call. PTL!

A video has surfaced of them singing two songs, “Since Jesus Passed By” and “Glory to God in the Highest.” This is the first time I’ve heard them do Since Jesus Passed By since Ryan and Tim were in the group. Judge for yourselves.


Personally, I enjoyed Tim’s solo more than Ian’s. However, I thought Devin brought a great new dynamic when the three higher parts joined in. And then there’s that live band. Overall, I’d probably still prefer the old version, but it doesn’t mean this version is bad. I just like it less.

What do you think?

BTW the world travelers continue for the next two days as they are in the Netherlands for two concerts before returning home. Please pray for their safety, and that lives would be touched through their ministry.


5 thoughts on “EHSS World Travelers

  1. I Love These Guys With All Of My Heart And They Know It And I Have Been Keeping Up With My Real Bro Devin On Twitter Yesterday We Were Talking Back And Forth And I Can Not Wait For Them To Come And Sing In Chicago,IL on Saturday September 8th.

  2. I think I would agree on Tim’s version being better. I will say that Ian is starting to show a little more animation in his singing. It’s interesting to watch.

    • I think choppy is a great descriptive word to use. Not that its necessarily bad, but when we’re used to the smooth solo from Tim, it makes Ian’s definitely sound choppy.

      I do like how Ian does the “All my yesterdays” part.

  3. I’m nearly sure that EHSS opened their recent show in Belfast Northern Ireland with “Since Jesus Passed By”. It’s a cracking way for EHSS to open up, people expect a big flash bang approach but a song like “Since Jesus Passed By” is a beautiful way for EHSS to set a tone for the concert.

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