Ball Brothers Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Union Street was the first southern gospel group to launch a Kickstarter campaign fundraiser for their debut project. It was so successful that I think we will see more groups trying this method in the future.

One group has already done so, and that is The Ball Brothers.

As many of you know, 2012 has brought change for the Ball Brothers. Stephen and Josh have both decided to come off the road. While we miss having them around, we’re really excited about introducing everyone to the “new brothers” Andy and Chad.

We’ve been busy for the past several month selecting songs and writing new ones for our next project. We have the producers picked, the studios are selected, but we lack one thing to get this project started . . . YOU!

First of all, we need YOU to pray that God will use this project to see souls saved and believers encouraged. Secondly, we need YOU to make a pledge to support this project. Lastly, we need YOU to encourage others to join in so we can reach our goal of $15,000 before the deadline.

When you make a pledge the money will be charged to your card on the deadline date ONLY IF WE REACH THE GOAL. If we do not reach our goal by the deadline . . . NO MONEY IS TRANSFERRED and the project will not be funded.

Take the time to look all the way down the list of “rewards”. We tried to come up with rewards that are exclusive for backers of this project. All CDs and Digital downloads will be BACKERS ONLY edition which will include a couple of extra songs that won’t be available anywhere else.

We understand that not everyone can travel and sing Christian music, but everyone can support us on this project with their prayers and many can support us with a pledge. We need your help.

the Ball Brothers

p.s. All backers will get exclusive access to the BLOOPER REEL from the video above.

Here is the link where you can look at all the rewards.

Ryan Seaton has been publicizing this as well, especially since Daniel Ball was one of the first to pledge for the Union Street Kickstarter campaign.


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