YouTube Gems #31: Canton Junction

As I said in my last post, Canton Junction appeared on TBN last night. They sang four songs off their debut project.

Before I get into the actual videos, I wanted to share some thoughts about the broadcast. It was clear the guy hosting it didn’t know much about SG music. As he was leading into the first song he said that male quartets are a dying breed, but Canton Junction is bringing them back. Ummm, no. When he was introducing everyone, he called Matt Hagee “Matt Henry” and called Aaron Crabb “Jason Crabb.” Yikes! He figured out his mistake and corrected himself, but was still somewhat of an awkward moment to watch. Later on, he was telling everyone to get their project if they haven’t already, when it isn’t even out yet.

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get into the actual videos. They started out singing “I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now.” The guys had good energy in this one, and I really enjoyed it.

Next, they sang “Hold On.” This is their first single off the project, and is already being played on radio stations. I personally felt this is better for radio than live, but still a good song.

This next song was the first one they sang as a group last fall, “Sweeter As The Days Go By.” The audience last night didn’t appreciate it as much as they did last fall, but still a good performance.

The last song they sang was “The Son Shines Down On Me.” after doing some research, I discovered that this was originally performed by the Oak Ridge Boys. Tim Duncan is featured, and it makes sense that he would do an Oaks song. Personally, this was my favorite song they performed last night.

After getting a glimpse of their new material, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the new project!


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