Minnesota Review Monday: Our Anthem (Tribute Quartet)

Description – Tribute Quartet was coming off their best album to date with “The Waiting is Over,” so to hear the buzz this new project was getting was excited. Tribute is a great young group on the rise, and “Our Anthem” is proof of their improvement with each new project they release.

The title of the project was taken from “The Song of Heaven”. (“This is our anthem, now and forever, the song of heaven, hallelujah”). I love how in their last two projects, they don’t just choose the title of one of the better tracks to use as their album title. This shows me that they can still choose an album title that means something both for the project and the group as a whole, without taking the easy road out.

I’ll also add that the a cappella opening of “Revive Us Again” is one of my favorite parts of the album. Tribute always kills it on the a cappella stuff!

Lake Superior – I’m not sure what it is, but my favorite Tribute songs always seem to be the slower songs. “Our Anthem” is no different, with songs like “The Song of Heaven,” “The Time is Now,” “Leavin’ on my Mind,” and “Through Me, The Cross Lives On” as some of my favorites off the project.

Mississippi River – I’ll be honest, the first few times I listened to “Good News From Jerusalem,” I didn’t think much of the song. It was a nice song, but nothing special. After reading others give it such high praise, I decided to give the song another chance, and I’m glad I did. Even though he may not be the most talent baritone vocalist in the industry, I’ve always liked hearing songs that feature Josh Singletary. “Good News From Jerusalem” has the feeling of the Don Francisco/Talleys song “He’s Alive”, and is becoming another one of my favorites off this project.

Lutefisk – I’m not sure what it is yet, but there’s just something that seems off about the album art. Riley and Josh almost look like cardboard cut-outs, with Gary and Anthony sitting in front of them.

“Minnesota Nice” Factor – 5%. This is Tribute’s finest project yet, and a must-add to any southern gospel collection!


2 thoughts on “Minnesota Review Monday: Our Anthem (Tribute Quartet)

  1. Yes, somebody else noticed the album cover! I don’t what the deal is either, but I felt exactly the same way.

    Also, the vocals sound a bit odd on the beginning of “Our Anthem” — the unison part. They feel like they’ve been overly tuned, or recorded in a weird way, or something.

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