NQC Anticipation

It’s that time of year again!

My anticipation for NQC is very high. While there are some groups that will not be there, there are others that I’m getting excited to hear from. I’ve narrowed down the focus of my anticipation to the five things I’m most looking forward to. Here we go.

5. Parade of Pianos return – It has been a couple of years since the last PoP. I’m not even sure I’ve seen one other than YouTube highlights, but I’ve heard it’s a great show. Tim Parton is hosting the showcase, so you know it will be high quality.

4. “A Funny Thing Happened…” Showcase – I love hearing stores of yesteryear, and funny ones are even better. And looking at the list of guys involved with this showcase, I think it could be quite funny. Hopefully, Karen Peck still has her voice this year.

3. All Quartets Night – This has probably been the biggest, and most talked about, change at this year’s NQC. The whole night will be filled with some of the top quartets in the industry. No trios, no mixed groups. All quartets, all the time. Plus, can you get any better than the choice of Jerry Goff as “host” for the evening?!

2. The new Mark Trammell Quartet – With SG having such a rich history of family groups, I was glad to hear that MTQ’s new lead singer would be Mark’s son, Nick. We know Nick can sing, but I will be interesting to see how the family dynamic adds to the group’s persona on-stage.

1. The new Legacy Five – This is a rather recent addition to my top 5, as this change was only announced a couple of weeks ago. I know we’ve seen glimpses from YouTube clips, but I’m very excited to see Matt Fouch with the guys, and to see how they interact on stage among other things.


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