NQC Day 1: Comments and Correspondence

Apologies for writing this post so late.

Monday night kicked off the National Quartet Convention with a bang. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the week’s events compare to the high bar that has been set.

I caught a majority of Monday night, but I missed the sets of the McKameys, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Squire Parsons, and the Whisnants. From what I saw, Monday night was one of the best nights I’ve seen yet.

First, I want to compliment the NQC staff that put the webcast together. Other than a few minor glitches here and there, the production was great for the entire 5-hour concert. Definitely the best webcast quality yet. I see that Monday night’s archive is already available for those who purchased the webcast (with full-screen capabilities too), so be sure to check that out.

Like many others, my highlight of the first night was seeing Matt Fouch with Legacy Five. I’m not sure Scott could have found a more perfect fit. Matt has quickly become one of my top 2 favorite basses in Southern Gospel music, along with Pat Barker. As a note to my Minnesota readers, I want to remind you all that Legacy Five will be in concert in Baxter next Friday, so be sure to check that out. It would be a great opportunity to hear Matt and the rest of those guys in person. At this time, i will be unable to join you, so I am definitely disappointed about that.

I also really enjoyed hearing the three showcase winners. Sometimes the talent of the showcase winners can be iffy, but last night’s performances were top-notch. I especially enjoyed listening to Keepers of the Faith Quartet. Those guys were good!

Jerry Goff was the host of the evening last night, and I thought he did a very good job. He has a knack of knowing when to be funny and when to be serious, something some emcees of the past struggled with. While some of his jokes may be old, the energy he delivers them with makes you want to listen to him.

Overall, it was a very good night. I look forward to listening to tonight.

You may be wondering why the title also says correspondence. I have a Minneota reader who contacted me, saying that he will be at NQC this week, Tuesday through Saturday. I plan to include some of his comments about the week’s festivities in my nightly recaps, adding a new angle to my posts. Be watching for that in upcoming posts this week!

What was your favorite moment of the night?


2 thoughts on “NQC Day 1: Comments and Correspondence

  1. I think my favorite moments from last night were Matt Fouch’s very capable performances as the only bass with the Jubilee singers and then on the rest of Legacy Five’s set. He looked and sounded great. Talk about trial by fire!!!

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