NQC Day 4: Comments and Correspondence

Here’s the summary from Thursday’s events. I’ll let my correspondent kick things off by discussing the afternoon showcases.

Okay, on to the events. We arrived again at Noon and were treated to humorous stories about all the odd, funny, and strange things that happen as these groups travel. There were about 16 representatives who sat on stage in a long line and traded stories. They had the whole place in stiches! Such funny things have happened to them. I can’t tell them all here, but I’ll summarize one.

The Legacy Five often pull into town for a concert and immediately rent a single motel room just to shower and clean up before their concert. They stagger themselves into the room by leaving the door to the room slightly ajar by flipping the metal lever that usually locks the room, leaving it in such a position as to keep the door from closing. One time, the baritone accidently went into such a room and showered in a room that wasn’t theirs. In fact, it was the wrong hotel, which was directly across the street from where their hotel was! I’ve not laughed so hard for a long time.

Next was the Gaither Vocal Band Reunion. Wow was there ever a lot of GVB alumni! They sang in various combinations, and also as a mini-chorus. Bill gave a history of how the various men arrived into the GVB and where they are now. About ten or more men sang solos. The event was very well attended. The next event was a Christian comedian (a former pastor) who was very good and entertained the audience for about an hour.

Thanks once again Rich! More from him later…

I didn’t watch the webcast as much as the first few nights, but I saw enough to get some definite impressions. The Talleys were probably my favorite set of the night. I think Brian Alvey, who missed their first set of the week due to college classes, adds a lot to the overall sound of the group. And his testimony which led into “That’s Why I Love Him So” was a touching story that I don’t think many people knew about, so I respect him for telling everybody.

Brian’s former group Tribute Quartet was another one of my favorites, but that’s probably no surprise since they’re one of my favorite quartets. This was their first set of the week, and it was very strong. After opening with likely their usual concert opener “Thank the Lord,” they sang the first single off the new project (“Homesick Angel”), a highly requested song from last year’s main stage appearance “Homecoming Day,” and probably their most anticipated song from their new project “Good News From Jerusalem”.

Finally, I actually enjoyed the Booth Brothers set quite a bit too. Their last song “Played in the Band” was probably encored a little too much (4 times!), but the audience ate it up as usual!

Here are thoughts on tonight from our correspondent.

The evening concert went about 5-1/2 hours tonight, and had only two male quartets, since last night was “Quartet Night.” Here are my highlights:
Tribute quartet – young and with great blend, without a screaming tenor
Colingsworth Family – Mom was Amazing on piano and brought the house down with Battle Hymn. Family sings great, too.
The McKameys are interesting vocally. They have a VERY pointed sound that could peel paint off your kitchen wall. I wonder if they come from the same part of the country as the Primitives!!!
Jacon Crabb just lit up the place.
Dr. David Jeremiah stopped in and spoke briefly. We all noticed he has a new book out.
The Booth Bros. sang a song (don’t know if it’s new or not) but it was so well received they did 4 or 5 reprises! Hook line was: “Play in the band, Write a new song, & Sing in the choir.”
The Talley’s had a great blend and I enjoyed their quartet very much.
By the time the Kingdom Heirs and Karen Peck & New River got on stage I was numb. They were good, but my bottom told my brain not to care.

I’ll close out the post tonight with some friendly advice from Rich for those who may attend next year.

I just got back to the hotel late Thursday night after our third straight night of 5-hour concerts. Frankly, my “sitter” feels mistreated. If anyone comes to NQC in the future and wants to take in several consecutive nights of the looooong evening concerts, I’d advise bringing along extra cushioning for the seats. I’ve noticed that many more experienced butts came more prepared than ours did! Another piece of advice is to bring ear plugs. The AVERAGE decibel reading on my iPhone’s db reader is 95! That is simply not healthy.

Thanks for reading!


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