NQC Music Awards Announced

Songwriter: Diane Wilkinson
Les Beasley Impact Award: Enlighten Radio
Musician: Kim Collingsworth
Alto: Sheri Easter
Soprano: Kim Hopper
Soloist: Jason Crabb
Bass: Eric Bennett, Triumphant Qt
Bari: Jim Brady, Booth Bros.
Lead: Ronnie Booth
Tenor: David Phelps, Gaither Vocal Band
Album of the Year: Celebrate Me Home–the Perrys
Producer/Arranger: Larry Goss
Concert Promoter: Bill Gaither
Radio Station: WBOZ (Nashville)
Mixed Group: The Collingsworth Family
Male Group: Booth Bros.
Song of the Year: I Know a Man Who Can (Greater Vision)


4 thoughts on “NQC Music Awards Announced

  1. Thanks for sharing, Josh!

    Before we forget, we did want to mention that if you are not doing anything tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., we love to see you in Cottonwood, MN! We have a concert there at the new Family Heritage Ranch, and since it’s near where you may live (Marshall?), we’d enjoy meeting you if you could make it! 🙂


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