NQC Day 5: Comments and Correspondence

Here’s a synopsis of what my correspondent took in this morning and afternoon.

The day started early at NCQ because we wanted to hear Dr. David
Jeremiah, who spoke at 10:30 am. The hall was packed with what I
estimate must have been between 1,500 amd 2,000 people. He spoke on
the subject of his new book, God is Love. Prior to his speaking Greater
Vision sang. Greater Vision and especially Gerald Wolfe have been real
“workhorses” for most of this convention. Gerald, especially, is
everywhere, doing everything from radio interviews, MCing, singing, and

After Dr. Jeremiah, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the
Gaither Homecoming Sing-a-long, which was like a mini-Homecoming show,
and a nearly packed house was on hand. Next, at about 2:30 was the
First Annual NQC Awards Ceremony, which was conducted like the
Grammys or Oscars, but with better humor and more class. The 10
nominated songs for Song of the Year each were sung by the artists
themselves, which was a really nice touch.

After the awards we caught a bit of the “Fire in the Choir” event,
which was a choir of over a hundred voices (I presume from several
churches in the area.) They were quite good. Then we $pent another 45
minutes in the exhibit call buying product$ (gosh we’ve $pent a lot of
money in there); grabbed another quick bite for dinner and headed into
what was to be a nearly 6-1/2 evening concert.

I’m quite tired tonight, so I’m going to keep my comments brief, but I’m fairly confident we had the moment of the week tonight when Scotty Inman gave an update on his daughter Embry, who is home after being in ICU for the first week of her life. Scotty then delivered a heartfelt a Capella rendition of “Only God Knows.” Here’s some of Rich’s thoughts from the evening.

Tribute quartet’s “He’s alive, He’s alive” was a big hit with the
The Dixie Echoes used their two ribbon mics again and repeated
their 1950s harmony ala Four Freshmen on “If You Know the Lord.” This
quartet uses only piano and bass, with no drums, which helps one hear
their excellent harmonizing. As a special feature, one of their
members played a great lead guitar solo on a “boogie-woogie” number, a
real treat
The Taylors were a new young mixed group with great energy.
The Perrys sang a very jazzy “He is Good to Me,” which was excellent.
Then Bill Gaither and Friends did about 1-1/2 hours, which included
Sisters (an excellent a cappella group), the Isaacs, the Nelons, Booth
Brothers, and finally, the Gaither Vocal Band. GVB started out in a
complete blackout with a five-part arrangement of “One Voice” (Singing
in the Darkness)-terrific!
The Pfeifers inspire the audience with an instrumental/vocal rendition
of It is Well with My Soul. The trumpet player is excellent!
The Crist Family (sextet with a lush, sweet sound) came next and were
sang beautifully. On a side note, they will be performing in Erhard, MN, in
December. They absolutely nailed “No Other Name.”
The next groups, Triumphant, Mark Trammel Quartet, and the Hoppers, all
did their usual fantastic jobs.
Then, for some reaon, the evening ended with a Christmas set, which
included one song each from the Hoppers, Crist Family, Greater Vision, &
Booth Brothers.

Thanks for reading!


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