Some Random NQC Observations

It’s been almost a week since NQC ’12 wrapped up. As I’ve been watching the webcast archives and reliving everything all over again, I’ve had random thoughts pop into my head that I felt needed to be written down. I may or may not have covered these points in my nightly recap, so I apologize if you read something from the list already.

  • Chris Allman is the best tenor in Southern Gospel, and I’m not sure it’s even close.
  • I hope they have a Jubilee main stage showcase next year.
  • Most solo acts don’t go over well on main stage, unless limited to just a song or two.
  • Likely the first and last time Jay Leno will be mentioned on main stage.
  • The Best of the Showcases were better than I’ve heard in previous years.
  • There’s a lot of great young artists coming up in SG.
  • Two popular songs right now (I Know A Man Who Can, I Wanna Know) are over 50 years old.
  • Songs sound so much better with live music rather than tracks only.
  • I’m so glad Gerald and others addressed some of the rumors about future NQCs.
  • Canned jokes are about as popular as canned music is.
  • It’s great to see TaRanda Greene back at NQC, and welcomed by artists with open arms.
  • It’s interesting to see how groups use the stage. Some move around more than others.
  • Sometimes the unplanned moments go over better than the planned. (Jim & Melissa Brady set)
  • It’s amazing how a group’s older songs often get a better response than the newer stuff.
  • Will there ever be a NQC without someone singing “Oh, What a Savior”?
  • Thanks for reading!


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