YouTube Gem #32: Beautiful Home

Since NQC ’12 ended, one of the sets that has stuck with me was the Jubilee set on Monday night. Maybe my favorite song from that song was Beautiful Home.

I actually had never heard the song before, so tonight I finally decided to do some digging. Turns out its an old Kingsmen song. As I was digging, I found this gem of a video on YouTube. I need someone to verify this, but I believe it’s from their 40th Anniversary taping at NQC ’96.

A number of things struck me as fascinating from this video.

  • Jim Hamill is fun to watch on stage. I especially enjoyed him grabbing Mark at the end.
  • I recognize Anthony Burger, but is that Scoot Shelnut on bass (0:32)? And is that Randy Shelnut, Sr. on the banjo? His mannerisms at 1:13 really remind me of Sr.
  • (1:27) Nice catch, Mark!
  • I never thought about the fact that Mark sang with Ernie Phillips with the Kingsmen, and now sings with Eric in MTQ. I’m sure it’s common knowledge for most, but I didn’t know it.

I enjoyed the song with the Jubilee guys, but this video took my appreciation to a new level. Honestly, I think another group who would do great with this song is MTQ. Not only for the Phillips/Trammell factor, but also because I think this song would fit Pat Barker well, and we all know how Pat feels about songs that feature the bass…


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