The Under-Rateds: Lead

The second installment of The Under-Rateds focuses on the lead singers. Lead is one of the easiest parts to recognize and learn in quartets, so they also get a lot of recognition. Some of the most popular lead singers on the road today are Michael English, Scott Fowler, Ryan Seaton, Jerry Pelfrey, and Clayton Inman.

Here’s one name that you need to be familiar with.

Devin McGlamery, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound: This one probably comes as a surprise that I would call him under-rated, considering he is part of one of the most popular groups on the road today. However, you rarely hear him talked about in the same class as the other leads previously mentioned, and you could even consider him under-rated within his own group as Haase and Anderson are usually the headliners.

Devin has really come into his comfort zone since he joined in January 2010. In a way, he came into a difficult situation. He was the first vocalist replacement since the group hit it big about 6-7 years prior. Also, he came while the group was preparing their Cathedrals’ tribute, which is not an easy task for a lead singer. Even when he had his biggest feature on that project, he was still overshadowed by the inclusion of Glen’s video in the background. It made for a great emotional moment on the DVD, but it didn’t allow Devin to really shine.

Since then, he’s started to get that chance to shine, as they’ve been featuring him on the entire song more and more. Here is a video of one of those opportunities from February 2011, showing what he’s capable of singing flat-footed.

On their most recent projects, Devin got the lead on one of the project’s most popular tracks. It was nominated for a Dove Award, and made it as high as #9 on the Singing News Top 80. Here is the version off the groups most recent DVD.

I love watching vocalists who clearly look like they enjoy what they are doing. Devin has a great personality, and it bleeds into how he expresses himself on stage. At just 30 years old, I hope we’ll be hearing him on stage for many years to come.


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