The Under-Rateds: Baritone

Despite being arguably the least glamorous position in a quartet, baritone might be the part that has some of the most popular vocalists in southern gospel. Names like Mark Trammell, Doug Anderson, Daniel Riley, Mark Lowry, Scott Inman are synonymous with the groups they are in. And yet, since the position is not glamorous, there are vocalists that get under-rated because they just blend in behind the others, just like this one.

Randy “Scoot” Shelnut Jr., Dixie Echoes: I don’t think he’s ever been mentioned among the best baritones on the road, and yet he’s one of my favorites. There’s nothing glamorous, but he has a smooth voice that is very easy to listen to.

In fact, he is so under-rated that it is very difficult to find videos of him being featured. Here is a clip of the song I wanted to feature, but the video and audio quality aren’t the greatest. However, it is the only version I could find online.

Are there any other Scoot features that you enjoy?


2 thoughts on “The Under-Rateds: Baritone

  1. I always felt that Mark Lowry’s vocal abilities were overshadowed by his humour on stage. I think Mark has one of the greatest voices in SG music. His vocal technique is absolutely spot on and it’s why his voice has only gotten better as he’s aged. Probably my favourite singer in SG…..

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