The Under-Rateds: Bass

This was arguably the most difficult one to write. Not that I couldn’t find anyone good, but more that I couldn’t find many that you could consider under-rated. In this genre, good basses get recognized very quickly. Look at people like Matt Fouch, Pat Barker, and Paul Harkey for how quickly a bass can rise in recognition as one of the best. Here’s one that is known by a number of people, but is still young and a relative newcomer to the genre.

Daniel Ashmore, The Old Paths: Even though he’s one of my favorites, he’s still rather under-rated compared to some of the other bass singers on the road today. At just 21-years old, he’s got time to work on that. He has just been on the road with TOP for a little over a year, but he is sure putting together a number of strong performances.

Here is the song that introduced Daniel to the SG online community.


Daniel has that rare mix of being able to sing the low notes with a smooth upper range. Many basses either have one or the other, but only a few can do both. Here is a great example of that blend.


BONUS: In addition to his singing, Daniel also brings another quality to the group. Check this out!


Its clear that Daniel is on his way to becoming one of the best bass singers on the road. Others may get more recognition, but Daniel has a bright future. Remember: He is only 21 years old!


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